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about us

DLM is a company entirely dedicated to the fields of Entertainment, Advertising and Broadcast localization, dubbing and translation.


We proudly present our new Quality Assurance Department.
We keep growing. DLM acquires 17 new studios.
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in dubbing, subtitling & post production for companies such as MTV, Corus Entertainment, Telecinco, Cake Entertainment, Canal+.


localising bestseller entertainment software for leading publishers such as Microsoft, Eidos Interactive of Tomb Raider fame, Activision, Ubi Soft and Blizzard Entertainment, among others.


dedicated to mobile and ITV localization for companies such as Digital Chocolate, In-Fusio, THQ Wireless, Namco/Bandai and Visiware, among others


in advertising, working with agencies such as McCann Erickson, Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bassat Ogilvy, Tiempo BBDO

the company

Our offices

Our offices are situated in the centre of Madrid in a three-floor building with 3 digital recording and post production studios, including an editing studio with all the necessary equipment to carry out services by our own staff.

Our team

Our teams are divided into the following departments:

· Production · Translation
· Graphic design · Mixing
· Video editing · Post production
· Audio recording · Quality Control

Our offer

By offering a broad range of services from translations to audio, video, graphics design and production in one same structure, the advantages for our customers are obvious: Optimised efficiency, Centralised service, Faster results, and Lower costs.

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