We offer a complete localisation service.

localizacion de VD

    • Translation and culturalisation of ingame texts and scripts;
    • Scripts adaptations for dubbing following the type of restriction requested (time, sound sync, or lip sync restrictions);
    • Recording in totally equipped rooms;
    • Access to any actor or director of the market;
    • Post-production tasks such as cleaning, renaming, balancing, sound effects, as-recorded script;
    • LQA.

Always adapting to our client needs.

In the process, only experts participate in each stage.

We are lucky to work with big videogames developers and publishers, as well as indie developers. We share the same goal with all of them: make the players enjoy the same game experience, in any language, as the original language players.


If they have trusted us, why would you do otherwise?

We are honoured to have worked on exciting titles. From independent games to AAA, of all gender and size, and for different markets.

Our localisation has an overwhelming response on behalf of the press and the players. And a proof of this are the reviews we have gathered about our localisation of several videogames:

“The game is perfectly localized into Spanish. Therefore, people who can’t speak in English will have a total experience playing the Spanish version”.
“(Game title: We cannot mention the game title due to NDA) bets on one of its special elements, the invented language implemented in the universe, which is accompanied by an incredibly translation of the texts into Castilian Spanish”.
“…most of the “cinematics” are in comic version and they are in a perfect Castilian Spanish”.
“In (Game title: We cannot mention the game title due to NDA), they speak in a very weird language where there are words in French, Japanese and I have even heard some Spanish word (“Idiota”) when Kat shout at somebody. It is a rare mixture. The game is subtitled in a perfect Castilian Spanish which allows us to understand it perfectly”.
…this released in digital exclusively for PS4 indie game is, as other Sony games, flawlessly dubbed in Spanish. Top quality voices have taken part in this dubbing providing a great realism and depth to the dialogues...
…dubbing at the level of the English version.
THE BEST… Translated and dubbed in Spanish, with a very remarkable job.
…. accompanied by an excellent Spanish dubbing…
“The game is perfectly dubbed into Spanish, with very good voices and in our language, which is always a good thing.”
“Both the chief mechanic and the announcer are very well dubbed into Spanish.”
“Regarding the sound work, we must say that the soundtrack is correct, and that the dubbed voices are in Castilian Spanish. This work has been carried out by real professionals, so it is very well done.”
“It counts with an excellent dubbing into Spanish, which makes it easier for us to learn the mechanics and rules of the game.”
“Regarding the sound work, […] the most important thing is that the game is completely localized into our language, with a very good dubbing and more than correct voices.”

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